Re-Imagine a Life Meant For YOU

Gather up the remnants of the old dream ...

Hello, Readers!

How is it mid-June already? I just got a message from the local school system letting me know that an open house has been scheduled for the Fall semester. We haven’t even hit the Summer Solstice, and already, I’m being reminded that time is fleeting and Fall is coming.

Don’t get me wrong: I love, adore, and practically worship all things Fall. But I’m cherishing each season as it comes, and right now, I’m enjoying summer skincare (loving some coconut oil), hot days poolside (okay, if I’m honest, it’s an inflatable dinosaur pool with two big slides, and it’s not even mine, but it counts!), and many new interests. In fact, you can read about how my therapist sent me to pole dancing class and why this seemingly risque fitness is actually hugely empowering.

Pole Dancing Empowerment. WHAT?!

So, that’s where I’ve been—driving kids to various summer camps, squeezing in writing time around our summer schedule, and trying to fit in some summer relaxation along with all the activity. I’m here, I’m still writing, and I cannot say how much I appreciate that you’re still here and still reading. xx

Re-Imagine a Life Meant for YOU Rather Than a Life Meant for Two

Falling in love changes everything. Our dreams shift, making room to accommodate another person and whatever comes with them — children, a dog, three goldfish, an unusual hobby. Whatever it is, we make room. When we’re planning a future that factors in another human being, we tend to shift our dreams around the idea that whatever we do, we’ll do together.

My plans were simple. Love this person for the rest of my life, grow our families together, and one day have a place that we both call home.

The relationship ended — and so did my dreams for a shared future.

But our lives don’t end when our relationships do. They keep going. We must do the same. So, we gather up the remnants of our dreams and look for something to salvage from them. We begin to ask ourselves, What do I really want?

Read the rest here!

In Remembrance of a Muse

Early morning waking slow
Intertwined so thoroughly
With arms and legs and beating hearts
I did not want to let you go

Your kind eyes, your stretching smile
Drew me in and made me dream
Or was it the way you were listening
That made me want to stay a while

Unwilling muse, my ghostly vision
You would leave and break my heart
I’d have let you go to love another
But the silence wasn’t my decision …

Read the full poem here!

12 Fun & Unusual Date Nights in Athens, Georgia

Let’s be honest. Dating can be boring when it’s not entertaining for all the wrong reasons. Want some fun date night inspiration? Whether you’re dating yourself, in a relationship, or looking for a partner, check out these fun and unusual date night activities. What would you add to this list?

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Wildflower Meditations

Got one single minute? Read this short poem/meditation on wildflowers. Then, carry on!

A Short Wildflower Meditation

Fiction and Poetry Books

The entire Heart of Madison series is available now. This contemporary small-town romance includes Left on Main, Right on Walton, Deep in the Heart of Madison, and Waiting for the Girl Next Door. For poetry, you can check out these two volumes that feature the art of Christina Nicole: My Words Are Whiskey and Letters to Lost Lovers.

Summertime is not great writing time for me as a single mom, but in the Fall, I plan to return to TWO fiction manuscripts: a contemporary romance and a family drama. One is being written (a third of the way in!) and the other is in re-writes (the original draft doesn’t bear mentioning, lol). In the meantime, I’m still working on releasing A Solitary Witch Brews Self-Love this Fall, my third poetry collaboration with Christina Nicole. We’ll be releasing the fourth volume of poetry sometime next year, and I’m in the process of bringing you a children’s book in the not-too-distant future. So… plenty of books ahead.

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Thank you for reading! I'm going to get back to a relaxed Sunday afternoon, but I wish you (as Cody from Peloton would say) a fun and flouncy Summer. After all, it’s Hot Girl (or guy or insert-preferred-pronoun-here) Summer, right? Enjoy it.

Warmest regards from too-hot-and-humid Georgia,